Covid 19 Response 

The world around us has changed dramatically since the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

The world around us has changed dramatically since the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. For companies like OMNI that specialize in food products, how they are prepared and how they are handled has changed and will continue to change as the states we service begin to open back up and resume business.

OMNI has always been in the forefront of the c-store industry when it comes to quality food products and the safe handling of those products.. OMNI’s products are designed to have limited touch when cooking or serving and this brochure is designed to help our wholesale and retail partners continue to serve our products in a safe and sanitary way We realize that each state will have their own set of rules and guidelines when it comes to food safety and food preparation. The information contained in this brochure is designed to recommend procedures that will ensure the highest quality of safe food handling of OMNI Food products. This information is also relevant to the food service industry. Our recommendations are by no means to replace or override current or future laws or procedures instituted by state, local or federal governments. For offical recommendation please see these links:


Our main goal is to help our customers maintain a safe and healthy environment in their store locations for consumers shopping for prepared food products. Your customers need to know that you are doing everything possible to make your store clean and sanitary for them to consume food at your location. Collectively, our number one goal is to help you keep customers coming back to your locations by letting them feel confident that you have their best interests at heart and are focused on maintaining best in class safe food handling practices.

Warm regards, Your OMNI Foods Team



OMNI Foods Post Covid-19 Procedures


Sanitation Best Practices: 

1. Always wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before touching the pizzas and sub

2. Wear gloves when handling the pizza or subs or any of our food service products. Change gloves going from one job to the next

3. All utensils used in the handling of the pizza and subs should be washed with antibacterial dish soap, rinsed in hot water and then immerse for one minute in sanitizer. Air drying is the best method for utensils; however, if you need to use them immediately after cleaning dry with a clean fresh towel.

4. Always wash your hands thoroughly after using the restroom. At least 20 seconds with soap and hot water. Never take your work apron into the restroom.

5. Hand sinks should be clean, and dispensers filled with antibacterial soap.

6. Sanitizer dispensers should be in at least two locations behind the counter in the food service area. These should be clearly marked or identified as such.

7. All prep areas and counters should be cleaned thoroughly with sanitizer at the beginning and end of each shift. More often if spills occur, etc. A record of each cleaning should be entered in a daily log sheet.

8. All pizza and sub equipment should be cleaned off daily with sanitizer. This includes ovens, and warmers. A record of each cleaning should be entered into a daily log sheet.

9. All packaging for OMNI products should be stored in a clean and dry storage area free of dust and dirt. Keep packaging in the original case and lids closed.

10. Have a cleanliness ambassador (employee) on site who cleans and sanitizes the food service area and other parts of the store throughout the day. Have this employee be responsible for keeping and maintaining the daily store cleaning log sheet.

11. Wash your hands before leaving the food prep area and upon return to the food prep area.

12. Discard gloves when leaving the food prep area and place a clean set of gloves on your hands upon return to the food prep area.

13. Hairnets and beard nets must be worn in the food prep area. Same procedure as the gloves for leaving and entering the food prep area.

    These may or may not be required moving forward but should be used for effective sanitation practices.)
    1. Hand sanitizer

    2. Disposable Face Masks

    3. Disposable Gloves

    4. Non -contact thermometers

    5. Hands Free Faucet wands

    6. Tamper Proof Food Labels

    7. Food Probe thermometer

    8. Sneeze shields for the food prep area

Recommended Serving Practices Served Behind the counter:

(Not knowing how self-serve food will be affected after the Covid-19 Pandemic we suggest the following to be safe in the handling and serving of our products.)

1. OMNI premade pizzas and subs come in an over wrap.

2. There is limited handling with our products as the pizzas are freezer to oven. The premade subs are thawed under refrigeration for 48 hours and then baked as required.

3. Once the pizzas and subs are baked, they should be removed from the oven with a pizza paddle or tongs and placed on the cardboard circle that accompanies the pizzas or a clean and sanitized cutting board.

4. Product can be grabbed with the tongs and placed in the warmer or serving container, thus limiting any hand touching even though gloves are on the server.

5. Employees should always wear gloves when cooking and serving our products.

6. When cutting the pizzas, we suggest you use a separate pizza cutter for the breakfast pizzas as you do not want to cross contaminate with the other pizzas as many people are allergic to eggs.

7. OMNI recommends that all food serving areas behind the counter be protected with plexus glass. The height should be at least 18”-24” to avoid the spread of germs.

8. Food Prep tables should have accurate temperature monitors.

9. Food prep tables need to have a plexus glass cover that is closed when not in use or a metal close cover.

10. Serving Kiosks need to have a sneeze guard at least 18” to 24” high.

11. When serving our pizza and subs we recommend using an enclosed pizza warmer or sandwich warmer and that the employees serve the pizza or sub from behind the counter to the customer.




Recommended Serving Practices for Hot Grab-n-Go (Self-Serve)

(Not knowing how self-serve food will be affected after the Covid-19 Pandemic we suggest the following to be safe in the handling and serving of our products.)

1. For those retailers who will continue with self-serve food offerings we recommend using a slide warmer that has at least a 3” shield above each shelf on the warmer. This will act as a sneeze guard and give more protection for the products contained in the warmer.

2. Social distancing should still play a key role in the stores at the grab-n- go areas to avoid customer congestion. Customers should stand 6 feet apart while retrieving product from the grab-n-go warmer.

3. Products need to be wrapped tightly where applicable and box closed where applicable. Then sealed with a safety seal sticker.

4. Sanitary Ambassador (employee) should keep units cleaned throughout the day. Consumers will see this activity and receive a sense of security that the store is clean and sanitized.

5. All trash bins should be emptied regularly throughout the day. Gloves must be worn and then replaced when finished.

6. All food counters housing the grab-n-go equipment should be cleaned and sanitized.

7. All napkins should be contained within a dispenser.